We have had requests from many artists asking about displaying art in the Starry Night Cafe. We really appreciate those requests and would love to display “local” art from artists in the northern Colorado area. As the volume of request mount, we have found that we need to establish a policy that serves several aspects of the shop. We want to accommodate the visual needs of our customers, the staff and the owners of the shop. So here is our current policy. Understand that this policy could change without notice as the needs of those involved change.


Art displayed in the shop must meet the following criteria at a minimum:

  • Typically 2D paintings, prints, photos, etc. that can be mounted on the walls is the most appropriate for the space
  • Content should generally be mainstream and appropriate for families
  • We prefer art that is consistent with the shop’s existing colors and decor
  • Size depends on the specific space that is provided for the art offered
  • All art for display must be approved by the staff and owners of the shop
  • Art can be tagged for sale if desired
  • A business card may be displayed with the art describing the piece and contact information of the artist if desired

Please contact the staff or owners in person or leave a message on the web site (contact us page) if you wish to display your art.